Billet -6AN Fuel Tee

Replaces the stock nipple on the carb inlet, quick easy installation. Added safety, standard -6 AN

Setrab Deluxe Cooler Kit

Includes Setrab 920 Duel Pass with Fan Pack, 910

End Cooler, Cooler Mounts, and Front Air Scoop.

RRC Remote Filter Housing

This exclusive remote housing is produced by RRC, Billet aluminum 3 port system. Two Inlets for the oil pan and the back of the remote adapter. Bolts up to Engine cases for a nice clean tucked in look. Comes with or without -8 fittings and AreoQuip Lightweight Lines. 

Top End Fan Kit

Specifically designed for the Yamaha 1200 or 1250, 

featuring a molded mount that secures on top of the 

Valve cover with two high power fans. Quick and easy to Install. Drastically reduces top end temps. 

Brand New Carburators

Jetted with either HSR kit or Dyna Jet Kit, Dyno tuned and ready to run